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Aviso Law, LLC is a new Colorado-based law firm started by two Army veterans looking to start their own practice.

Working with Art Director Jon Lambert at Brand Iron, we built their web presence to help them easily get found by Google and introduce their new practice to the public.

Challenge #

Aviso Law presented the challenge of having a large amount of content. In total, there are 47 pages worth of information on their site. How does a site with that many links all fit into a menu, especially on mobile?

Solution #

We started by printing and laying out all their content on a large table. We then organized everything into categories that made logical sense. We ended up with content organized into 5 parent categories and 42 sub-categories.

For the massive menu, we came up with a nice solution that allowed us to keep the parent category/sub-category system in place, and tuck it all away off-screen on mobile devices.

Result #

Since officially launching their practice in June, 2015 they've reported that they're booked solid and actually having to turn work away.

Project Involvement #

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